Unified Communications

How unified communications improves efficiency, collaboration, productivity and employee satisfaction

So you’ve decided that it’s about time your company subscribed to a better form of communication, both inside and outside of the office. But how do you keep your team connected and customers engaged all at the same time?

The answer is unified communications.

When companies are looking for ways to boost efficiency, unified communications provides a customized business solution to improve team collaboration, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Unified communications and efficiency

It can be pretty difficult to stay on top of things if half your workforce is out in the field. Whether you’re using a mobile device or desktop computer, unified communications makes it easy to stay connected even when you’re out of the office.

Getting in touch with your employees or customers is a breeze when you use one unified communications system. Instead of dealing with voicemails and out-of-office reminders, you can sync calls seamlessly to multiple devices using one contact number, saving a significant amount of time and resources tracking people down.

What’s more important than keeping your customers’ needs satisfied? It’s all too common for businesses to have a 12 to 24-hour turnaround time when it comes to answering questions or addressing concerns.

With a unified communications system, your company can drastically reduce the support response time of your team by integrating your company’s email, voicemail, social media and web chat dialogues into one centralized cloud-based solution.

“ASAP is the goal. Treat the customer as you personally would want to be treated. Respond quickly and respectfully.” – Forbes

Unified communications and collaboration

If you’re outsourcing your workforce or managing global teams outside of your network and time zone, unified communications systems take the guesswork out of tracking down your employees. Unified messaging systems allow you to connect seamlessly with virtual teams all over the world.

The days of crowding around a single webcam or conference phone are over when you’re collaborating through unified communications. One click of a button will enable multiple clients and employees to join the same web, audio or video conference call.

Sharing presentations and collaborating on projects is easy when using a unified communications system. These systems are designed to work with your favorite business tools and allow you to get the most out of your team projects and business processes.

Unified communications and employee satisfaction

Your team’s productivity and employee satisfaction are closely linked. Faster, more efficient communication gives your team the answers they need, when they need them, and enables a happier workforce.

By supporting your company’s needs to have a modernized method of communication and encouraging real-time collaboration efforts, you’ll create a much more engaged workforce and maximize your productivity.

A unified communications system caters to the individual needs of your workforce. While some employees have faster-approaching deadlines than others and require quick answers to their questions, other employees need to manage multichannel dialogue sessions on long-term projects. Either scenario is easily tackled with ease using a cloud-based communication system.

Unified communications and you

Whether you’re looking for a better way to collaborate with your team or finding a more efficient way to engage with customers, unified communications is a great way to manage your team’s productivity.

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