Unleash Business Agility with Cloud Solutions

There are a lot of compelling reasons to opt for cloud solutions. Small businesses, in particular, stand to gain big by integrating the cloud into their IT infrastructure. Several of the individual benefits of the cloud have the potential to be game-changers. But there’s one advantage that ties them all together.

Cloud solutions give you an unprecedented level of strategic agility.

Agility on the front lines.

General Stanley McChrystal knows a little something about strategic agility. McChrystal was the Commanding General of the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq. In 2004, he hit a brick wall in his efforts to combat Al Qaeda forces.

The problem wasn’t capability. The soldiers under his command were elite – quite literally, the best of the best. But the information simply didn’t flow fast enough. In the time it took his analysts to decypher the enemy’s plans, the data was no longer relevant. He was two steps behind the terrorists.

In tech terms, he was experiencing lag.

The solution, while novel for a military operation, was both simple and effective. Analysts were handing off information to commanding officers. From there, data worked its way back down the chain of command. He eliminated the unnecessary slowdown and facilitated interdepartmental communication.

He shares his entire strategic approach in his book, Team of Teams.

The challenge of efficiency.

The issue McChrystal faced in Iraq is common in business, as well. Your operations aren’t as smooth and efficient as they could be. It’s an unpleasant truth, but it is true.

Every business struggles with efficiency. Cumbersome processes suck the life right out of growing businesses. It’s difficult to determine just how much you lose through inefficiency, but the impact is real. As is the decrease in your ROI.

So let’s talk about what you gain from efficiency.

Frost & Sullivan report that collaborative technologies improve efficiency by as much as 400%. You read that right. That’s a four and two zeros.

What’s more, a recent Forbes article makes the case that productivity is about more than just efficiency. “Productivity in today’s business world means something new . . . Productivity in today’s world must focus on adaptation, innovation and forward progress.”

We could not agree more.

From combat to the cloud.

And this is where cloud solutions come into the picture. Few business resources pack as much punch as cloud solutions. Working in the cloud unleashes all kinds of untapped potential in your organization.

Cloud solutions make communication feel seamless. Whether your staff works from the same office or on opposite sides of the world, the cloud allows coworkers to be collaborate in real time, any time. On top of that, cloud solutions are at the cutting-edge of modern business innovation. If productivity requires agility and adaptation, then the cloud is very nearly a necessity.

But selecting the right cloud solutions for your business is easier said than done. There are a lot of options out there. Some will fit for your business, and some won’t. If you want to take full advantage of the cloud, you need ensure you’re using the right tools.
The KME team knows the cloud, and knows how to identify the solutions that will propel your business forward. It’s time to take the guesswork out of working in the cloud. If you’re ready to find the cloud solutions that are right for your organization, contact us today.

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