Your Superhero Suit

Your Superhero Suit, Part 1

It’s an iconic scene.

The call goes out. Maybe it’s the Batsignal. Or a phone call from a government contact. Or even some kind of mystical awareness, like “spidey sense.” Regardless of the specifics, the hero knows they’re needed. What happens next?

They suit up.

Iron Man dons his mech armor. Wonder Woman snaps on her bracers and grabs her lasso. Every single member of the X-Men team shows up wearing their well-known black and yellow leather uniforms.

The superhero suit doesn’t make the superhero, but it’s hard to imagine our favorite superheroes without their suits.

“A hero can be anyone.” – Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

Why put on the suit?

Superhero suits are more than fashion statements. They’re functional. That’s the primary reason superheroes wear them.

Batman doesn’t care if his utility belt ever graces the runways of Milan. But he does care about having all kinds of high-tech tools close by should he need them on the fly.

Similarly, Black Panther’s suit isn’t just bulletproof. It absorbs kinetic energy and reflects it, allowing the Wakandan ruler to avoid damage or perform various otherwise impossible physical feats.

A superhero suit supercharges what you can do. It protects, enables, enhances and equips—and if it’s designed well, it makes you look good, too.

“Someone once told me that the suit doesn’t make the hero . . . You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in what you are and what you’re gonna be.” – Booster Gold, Smallville

Your superhero suit.

Here at KME Systems, we envision our role as a managed services provider a little differently than some of our competitors. We’re not the ones jumping tall buildings in a single bound. That’s you.

You’re the hero of your story.

Whatever your company’s mission, whatever you hope to accomplish, whatever your current business goals, you’re the one who will make that happen. That makes you the superhero. The future of your organization rests squarely on your shoulders.

No pressure, right?

But you don’t have to build your legacy on your own. Like any comic book champion, you get to gear up. You get to put on a superhero suit designed specifically to protect, enable, enhance and equip you to get the job done.

Your IT network is that suit, and KME provides the behind-the-scenes support to make sure you meet every one of your goals.

“You need a new suit, that much is certain.” – Edna, The Incredibles

The Alfred to your Batman.

Batman may be the one out there dodging bullets and taking down bad guys, but he’s not fighting the good fight alone. He has backup every step of the way in the form of his trusted butler (and friend), Alfred.

Alfred’s not on the front lines. That’s not his role. His job is to make sure Batman has everything he needs to go up against Gotham’s worst and come out on top.

We’re talking about kick-ass support.

Support gets a bum rap in our opinion. Take IT support as a prime example. It doesn’t sound sexy. At all. In fact, it’s likely you only talk about IT support with a frustrated sigh, and that’s a shame.

Because IT support done the right way should make you feel like a superhero.

“I believe there’s a hero in all of us . . .” – Aunt May, Spider-Man 2

A different kind of IT support.

Okay, let’s set the analogy of the superhero suit to the side for a bit and get down to brass tacks.

Obviously, we don’t literally build superhero suits. (How cool would that be?) But what we actually do is just as impressive.

We provide the back-end IT support necessary to give you all the tools, equipment and resources you need to take your business to the next level.

Granted, you can do amazing things on your own. That’s how you got to where you are. But you can do even more with the right kind of IT support.

Our goal is to take the burden of IT maintenance off your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your network stable. You have more strategic things to focus on than cybersecurity. And your tech tools should just work.

We cover everything from backup and disaster recovery to cloud computing so you can zero in on increasing profits. That’s our job.

“It’s about what you believe.” – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman

Up next.

In the next installment of this five-part series, we’ll explore exactly what it looks like when IT support enables you to focus exclusively on your goals without the hassles of managing your own network.

Until then, we want to remind you one more time: you are the hero. We’re here to help you be as heroic as we know you have the potential to be.

Ready to gear up? We have a superhero suit waiting for you.

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