personal data

How are you protecting your personal data?

Millions of records are accessed by malicious hackers every year. Here are 6 steps you can take to reduce your risk of identity theft.
business continuity plan

Backup doesn’t help you: Business continuity is what matters

While backing up critical data and services is a good first step, developing a full business continuity plan that ensures a comprehensive approach for consistent service. Let's take a look at the important differences between basic backup and business continuity.
2019 Pinnacle Partner Award

KME Systems Receives 2019 Digium Pinnacle Partner Award

KME Systems, an all-inclusive managed IT services provider for businesses in Southern California, has again earned the Pinnacle Circle of Excellence Award by Digium, Inc. KME received the 2019 honor for their performance as an outstanding technology deployment company delivering excellent customer service.
SMB cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and here's why

As cybercriminal become increasingly sophisticated, corporate cybersecurity must stay one step ahead of the evolving threats. Luckily, there are steps any SMB leader can take now to improve their cybersecurity. Here's how any small business can boost their cybersecurity protection right now.
amazing dog facts

4 amazing things you didn't know about dogs

At KME we love our dogs almost as much as we love. . . well, we couldn’t think of anything we love more than them right this moment. We do have other interests, trust us. But right now we're talking about dogs. We've compiled our favorite facts that you probably don't know about them!
wireless security

5 wireless security best practices for businesses to follow

There are times when sending data over Wi-Fi makes it more vulnerable to attack, like on public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports and coffee shops. Even your office network could have vulnerabilities. Follow these tips to make sure your data stays safe no matter what wireless network you are using.
cybersecurity risks

How to measure (and reduce) your business cybersecurity risk

The only real way to protect your data – and, by extension, your company and its reputation – is to get an accurate sense of your cybersecurity risk. Which parts of your digital infrastructure are vulnerable? Every company has risk points. Here are a few steps to figure out what yours might be.

5 of the best antivirus programs for small businesses in 2019

Cybercriminals seem to love attacking small businesses. Part of the reason may be that small businesses aren't as careful about security as their larger peers. To add a layer of protection your business, consider using one of the best antivirus programs described below.

KME Systems nominated for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

KME Systems is a great firm, and we work hard to earn our clients’ trust. We try to be a great place to work, not just a job. And we sincerely try to create an environment for success, fun and achievement. It’s an honor to be nominated and be among other great firms.
Cybersecurity graphic with long arrow

How to turn your company’s cybersecurity into a profit center

Cybersecurity is everywhere, and everyone knows cybersecurity is necessary to protect data. We believe in flipping the script and making cybersecurity about protecting people. When you change your focus, you change your motivation and that effectively changes everything.