PC maintenance

6 essential ways to tackle DIY PC maintenance

Not all computer maintenance requires professional assistance. In fact, these 6 DIY PC maintenance tips offer several benefits, such as protecting your investment in equipment, improving your business's efficiency and even keeping malware at bay.
Disaster Recovery

Developing your disaster recovery communications plan

Planning for disaster is essential in business. But because it’s not pleasant to think about, some SMB owners just put it off. Big mistake. Huge. Your disaster recovery communication plan helps your company continue operations no matter what else is going on. And it can save your reputation.
Giving Back to the Community

6 reasons giving back to the community helps Your SMB

If you're a business interested in giving back to the community, there’s good news. Being active in charitable work can strengthen business relationships, partnerships, stakeholder relationships, local causes, and the community that supports you.
Top view of people using digital devices

How your SMB can start using cloud solutions now

Cloud computing is a complex, yet highly-rewarding form of modern technology that can propel your business to new levels of efficiency, organization, and automation. There are several ways you can prepare and make the transition into cloud-based solutions much less daunting.
Hands holding clouds

5 of the best instant messaging apps for SMBs

Whether it's for clients, employees or project collaboration, small business owners need an instant messaging app that’s dependable and affordable. Here are five of the top instant message apps for your business. All are user-friendly and packed with options.
Hybrid Cloud

What is the hybrid cloud and why should you care?

Hybrid cloud solutions give SMBs the opportunity to increase the pace of digital transformation and provide more agility and less risk. SMBs need to do careful planning to select the applications that belong in the cloud and which should be kept on-premise.
Fourth of July

6 ways to make your Fourth of July the best ever

Make this the best Fourth of July with fun activities like building your own splash park, having a fun cooking challenge and backyard barbecue or celebrating Independence Day by viewing the best fireworks right in Orange County with friends and family!
security image

5 ways to boost your network security right now

Many businesses fail shortly after cybersecurity attacks. Network security does more than protect your business's private information. It can also make your organization more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Follow these 5 tips to improve your network security right now.
Office 365

The most convenient Office 365 features you're not using

As an Office 365 user, you're probably very familiar with the suite's main tools and features. You probably use the most common ones on a daily basis. But you can achieve even more by taking advantage of some of Office 365’s lesser known (but incredibly helpful) features.
Business Technology Mistakes

The 5 biggest mistakes SMB owners make when it comes to business technology

The right technology brings value to small businesses, but there are a few common mistakes that negate those advantages. Follow these technology tips to avoid five of the biggest mistakes SMB owners make when it comes to business technology. This is how you avoid common IT pitfalls.