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(Part 2) 5 questions your vendors are scared you’ll ask

And you need these answers 

My last blog about vendor questions was about business continuity and backup.   Let’s shift to process this time for part 2 of this mini-blog

Question 2: What does your insurance look like to protect me?

You shouldn’t expect a vendor to tell you all the details. But, for example, you should know how your data is protected in the case of a breach. Sometimes this can be found in your contract. You’ve read that contract, right?

Every risk can’t be mitigated via a vendor contract. They simply won’t or can’t do some things, and you need to be aware of that.  

Take KME for example. We have strong business coverage to help us in the event of a disaster, but we also have limitations on liability. We are ethical and point them out in our business contract, but we also guarantee insurance levels. We do our best to protect our clients from natural disasters as well as our human error.  

It’s important to know the exact level of coverage a vendor has for your business. You shouldn’t be trusting your business to a vendor with coverage you aren’t 100% comfortable with.

Have this conversation and gauge for yourself if you are satisfied with the responses.

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