(Part 5) 5 questions your vendors are scared you’ll ask

And you need these answers 

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last part of the 5 blog mini-series on critical business questions. The last one I’ll shed some light on is protecting your profits and reputation. Businesses make promises all the time. But they don’t always keep them.  What were you promised? 

Question 5:  How are you genuinely protecting my people, data and reputation?

At KME, we have 16 areas that we focus on to make sure our client’s information stays protected.  Human error, cyberattacks, and other threats can cause data breaches, lost data, or downtime. These issues interrupt productivity, cost money and could even impact your business to the point of being noticeable to your clients. Without the right protections, you’re putting your reputation at risk. That’s why we’ve partnered with experienced vendors to develop the most important areas to focus on while protecting important information. We stay ahead of the game by researching and learning what the latest threats are and implement systems to prevent any issues before they occur.

Ask your IT team and other critical vendors what they are doing to protect you. These are a few areas of protection we focus on at KME: 

  • Security awareness
  • Software updates
  •  Password protection
  • Dark web research
  • Encryption
  • Log management
  • Active 24/7 security monitoring

The reality is old threats evolve and new threats emerge.  Actively monitoring the most important areas of a network and knowing what other threats are becoming more common will provide an added layer of protection for the future.

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