(Part 4) 5 questions your vendors are scared you’ll ask

And you need these answers 

Let’s continue the focus on IT for the fourth part of this mini blog series. Whether you outsource or have an in-house IT team, when was the last time you reviewed the IT support process to help your staff succeed?

Question 4: What process improvement plan are we creating and following? 

An example of a support process that would help your employees work more efficiently would include switching to Office365. 

Microsoft offers more than just Office365 to help your business be more efficient and successful. Adopting all the tools Microsoft has on offer under Office365 allows your employees to have all of their data and communications within one platform.

Did your Office365 rollout happen without any guidelines or helpful education content for your staff to reference? This is an example of an improvement plan for a process. In order to deploy a successful process, you need to plan, deploy and adapt. There is no easy way around it. 

The constant improvement of everyday processes helps everyone in the business. It leads to better communication, workflow, and interaction. All this helps your team be more productive, informed and increase job satisfaction.

It takes time and effort for everyone to get involved. So I challenge you to spend some time on your next IT project to determine an effective process improvement plan. Don’t swap new problems for old ones. Improve what you have!

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