(Part 3) 5 questions your vendors are scared you’ll ask

And you need these answers  

My last blog was about insurance, but many of you have an MSP performing the IT tasks for your business.  Let’s focus the laser on them for a bit. It’s only fair to pick on my industry as well for part 3 of this 5 part series.

Question 3: What’s your technology plan for me?

Does your MSP candidly discuss where your business is, where you want it to go and the steps to take to get there?   

This isn’t about buying a new server or using the cloud; it’s a real conversation about what tech you need to deploy and adopt to succeed.  And this isn’t a sales conversation; you should discuss this with a trusted account manager or virtual CIO and be ready to talk budgets, needs, and general business strategy.

Good MSPs genuinely value the time clients take to explain their business and growth needs.  That’s because having that information in hand makes their job easier with better client outcomes.

You should have budget assistance, assessments of your current technology and security, and a technology roadmap to follow going into the future. By working together to develop a roadmap, you and your vendor can move forward with a transparent set of goals to hold each other up to.

Properly created and followed, strong technology plans are worth every minute it takes to create and implement.

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