Your Patients Get Regular Check Ups, Why Not Your IT?

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with leading healthcare providers and manufacturers throughout the region. What they accomplish is incredible. They make awe-inspiring strides in patient care, pharmaceutical products, diagnostic equipment, and healthcare techniques that keep thousands, if not millions, of people safe and sound. And many of them do all that with inadequate healthcare IT solutions that risk their teetering over the brink at a moment’s notice.

You’d be astonished by the number of new prospects I find are still running Windows XP on most or all of their hardware. Moreover, many are left highly vulnerable due to their lack of antivirus, database backups, or a tangible IT plan.

Months pass without a single dollar spent on IT upkeep. When a vital piece of equipment breaks or years of data vanish in an instant, these companies are forced to funnel thousands of dollars into unpredictable, knee-jerk fixes. A decision like that is about as healthy as an impulse buy at your corner grocery store.

Getting a Regular Check Up

If you had an at risk patient, one who needed regular monitoring and consistent care, wouldn’t you arrange for that person to have a regular checkup? We all know it helps avoid costly visits to the ER and catches major maladies before they become serious. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your IT system?

The integrity of your healthcare IT solutions are important to proper PHI management but more importantly, are critical to providing high levels of actual patient care! To keep your IT systems healthy and your business immunized against most major catastrophes, you should perform system updates, prevent viruses, and continue to train your staff to properly utilize your EMR/EHR and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Forget shotgun therapy and hoping you are okay. A more proactive IT program prevents a wider range of issues from happening in the first place. It sounds cliché, but an ounce of IT prevention really is worth of pound of cure.

None of our clients like the possibility of potentially paying thousands of dollars in fines due to willful neglect. More importantly, they understand that proper maintenance of their IT assets is a central part of providing patients the best possible care.

Want the benefit of experienced healthcare IT solutions? Reach out to us at KME Systems today.

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