Want to Improve Business Processes? Don’t Be Blind to Opportunities

When was the last time you really examined your processes? The old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it doesn’t apply to the business world. There are always ways to take a functional process and speed up the result. I’m not suggesting a total revolution, but small tweaks to your technical capabilities, workflow, and meeting structure can have sweeping effects.

Think about when you abandoned paper filing for digital storage. Data recall speeds increased and productivity skyrocketed. You probably wondered what you ever did without the database or CRM now at the center of your business. And next generation of lifesaving shortcuts might be completely off your radar. That’s why regular process evaluation is a code to live by.

Here at KME, we are a process driven MSP and we consistently review and improve business processes ourselves, removing barriers to providing excellent IT support.  By consistently looking for small improvements, we can gain back time and remove unnecessary or obsolete tasks (FYI, we use the strategies found in the Traction Entrepreneurial Operating System to do this. Check it out if you’re interested).

For example, we are starting to use a “stand up” policy for some meetings. The idea has been around a while, but when we need to have a quick meeting, we stand. No one gets comfortable and the meeting becomes short and to the point. Who wants to stand for 30 minutes or more!?

In fact, there are plenty of small ways you can streamline time and work quickly. Need some ideas? Here are a few we swear by:

What will you do with that extra time?  Maybe leave the office early and attend a soccer practice, have dinner on time with family or get that proposal out early. Implementing a Control-Alt-Delete with outdated practices is not only good for your business, it’s good for your personal life (who wants to put in extra hours when you can get out early)?

Want to improve your business processes and free up your time even further? Turn to an MSP like KME Systems. We constantly find new ways to optimize our clients’ capabilities and increase the quality of the IT tools they use so their time is better spent elsewhere, doing things they love.

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