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Tech Trends That Will Transform the Way You Work in 2018

We saw some pretty big tech trends in 2017, like the rise of the Internet of Things, machine learning, and cloud computing. Those advances even made it into the mainstream business world. And robots haven’t risen to destroy their human overlords as a result. Yet.

In 2018, we expect these tech trends (and others) to continue to advance . . . while hopefully avoiding the bleak mechanized apocalypse depicted by T2’s Skynet (We’re kidding. The machines totally won’t take over. We’re completely sure. Well, 90% sure… Soft 90%… We’re pretty sure…).

So what tech trends should you keep an eye on in 2018? Let’s check out a few of the advances poised to dominate this year.

Flexible Workspaces Through Cloud Technology

Business becomes less of a 9-to-5 game every year. It should come as no surprise that employees prefer working at home in their sweatpants to uncomfortable business attire at the office. No technology has powered this shift more than cloud computing.

The cloud empowers folks to work from anywhere at any time (in any attire) with seamless collaboration. In 2018, flexible workspaces will become the standard as companies take advantage of cloud technology to connect better and produce more.

How your business can use it: Mobility will increasingly dominate the business environment. By harnessing the cloud’s power you can increase connectivity between employees as well as increase their productivity outside of the office. There are also a host of cloud-based tools that can revolutionize your business operations.

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Voice Recognition Technology Invades the Workplace

Sick of hearing your kids ask Alexa how much she weighs? Or how to spell jalapeño? We’ve got some good news: she’s coming to your workplace.

With Amazon announcing Alexa for Business, the artificial assistant could soon be a part of your work life. This addition could lead to a massive increase in productivity. Repeat after us: “Alexa, turn in my TPS reports.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

How your business can use it: Voice-activated research, appointment setting, and other task management strategies are sure to optimize productivity in new and unique ways. Alexa can also handle simple tasks like ordering your lunch.

AI Will Impact Business in Powerful New Ways

Advances in machine learning in 2017 have opened the door for powerful AI innovations in the coming year. Expect cloud service management, apps, and smart solutions to make huge leaps in 2018. Where this ultimately leads is anyone’s guess (again, hopefully not Skynet).

It’s predicted that 2018 will be the year AI really begins to make waves in the workplace, automating routine tasks and freeing you to focus more on strategic, non-grindy work.

But don’t worry. AI isn’t coming for your job anytime soon. It’ll just make work easier and more productive.

How your business can use it: Data aggregation, system optimization, automated updates, automated analytics, automated customer service bots—you name it. The immediate applications are exciting, but they’re probably nothing compared to where we’re headed. That’s great news for your business’s future.

Tech Trends 2018 and Beyond

Businesses took a wild technological ride in 2017—some of you in your pajamas! But 2018 could be the year when technology truly revolutionizes business.

That’s good news for the economy and good news for loungewear manufacturers. It’s also good news for your company. Never have so many powerful tools been within reach.

With the stage set for tech trends to support real change and growth, continued advances will almost certainly transform business operation, setting the standard for years to come. Business technology stands ready to breakthrough with powerful new tools that offer a real competitive edge, as well as advanced cybersecurity, both in the short and long terms.

What will you do with these new tools? That depends on the company’s vision and your strategic plan. We encourage you to start thinking about how these tech trends will impact your business.

You know, before the robots take over. (Really, we’re not at all worried about Skynet.)

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